Governing Body & Stakeholders

Coming together as a force!

– Sixteen members has a mix of six females and ten males
– Two seasoned, long term transplantees
– Two passionate social workers (Non-Renal)
– Six new aspirants for change – two on Dialysis and four Post Transplant
– Six devoted, strong purposeful caregivers.

Meet them:

Vasundhara Raghavan – (CEO)
Author, actively advocating for kidney patients.
Sublime Joy is in Living!
Leading the team to attain their objectives is her task on hand. She will liaise with decision makers in seeking assistance for patients. Develop educational problems, and take it to cities within India.

Jitender Chugh – Director (Operations)
Social Worker
Creating kidney disease awareness based on established programmes and managing the initiatives of the organization are his primary tasks. For implementing the objectives of KWF he brings great expertise gained through serving under-privileged and caring for poor people under his banner, “Human Care Foundation.”This trust formed singularly and developed single-handedly has benefited many people in these three years.

Monika Sambhav Verma – Treasurer
A dedicated caregiver will hold the key to our Treasury. Managing funds, ensuring financial disciple and maintaining credibility will be on her portfolio.

Mujahid Naqvi – Legal Advisor
Post Transplant
The man totally in-charge of all legal matters that are integral to the organization to maintain status of a credible entity. As a post transplant and Secretary of Kidney Care Foundation Society (Rajasthan) he has been advocating for welfare of kidney patients and helping the poor get treatment.

Vasu Sandur – Finance Advisor
& Coordinator, Karnataka
Post Transplant
Having managed a Trust successfully for decades and this 25 years post transplant member is given a role on Finance, as advisor for efficient management of an All India organisation. Progressively addressing more needs of patient he will be involved in conducting safety programmes for training dialysis technicians. His Kidney Patient Welfare Association operates in Karnataka.

Anjali Uthup Kurian
Coordinator, Media & Events
With career as a Radio Jockey and passionate promoter for organ donation at every event, this role is well designed for her work with KWF. She has a great challenge ahead for building voice for Indian patients.

V G Chandrasekharan
Coordinator Kerala
Post Transplant

Being among one of India’s longest surviving renal transplant recipient and with his NGO Kidney Foundation lending excellent support to underprivileged kidney patients without any discrimination, we have invited him to lead KWF in Kerala. His NGO assists organ donors in Kerala to start small business for their daily living. On-going medical camps and awareness programmes are conducted and plans are afoot for starting a dialysis center.

Vishal Gadhia
State Coordinator, Maharashtra
Under Renal Treatment

As a long-term dialysis person, he has been actively promoting disease management among patients on Facebook and whatsapp. He will be bringing out a diet book for all India. For Mumbai, as an advanced city in renal matters, his work will be relevant, as it will be shared with patients across India.

Sejal Jobanputra
Social Media & Research
Under Renal Treatment

She brings deep research on organ transplant laws, rules of donor acceptance and system followed in major hospitals. Research is continuous process.

Sandhya Vasanthakumar
State Coordinator, Tamil Nadu
Post Transplant

Sandhya is a vibrant person and brings her friendly nature to give our organization to improve bonding with patients. Tamil Nadu is advanced for nephrology and where community work is involved. Her skills will be used towards research for development of programmes.

Karamjeet Kaur
State Coordinator, Punjab

A teacher and a very determined caregiver, she wants to improve lives of the poor. Many patients have no understanding of the seriousness of kidney disease. She wants to save them by spreading word.

Praveen Kumar
East Zone Coordinator
Post Transplant

In working with objectives of KWF, he wants to improve Jharkhand as a center for renal transplants. Recognizing need for better facilities and education through out East Zone, he took up the responsibility. His experience with the disease and transplant puts him in this position.

Virendra Kumar
State Coordinator, Uttarakhand

When a caregiver sees dearth of facilities around him, there’s enough reason to be part of this organization. He looks for a change.

Dakoori Bhagawan Reddy
Human Resources
Coordinator Telangana & AP
Post Transplant

As a determined young man, post transplant, he has spreads his wings by organizing careers, so his induction into KWF becomes an obvious conclusion. Many post transplant people benefit from his work. Recently he formed a Trust, Cheyutha Foundation, for Telengana and AP and work is in full swing.

Satyendra Rathode
State Coordinator, Himachal Pradesh

Facilities will be needed in remote areas. But knowing it would take time he decided to be part of KWF so that he can drive our objectives. His young son becomes his reason to help us.

Madhab Chakrabarti
State Coordinator, West Bengal
Social Worker

He is a renal professional who has turned into a social worker. Perspective of the disease and it’s impact on human lives made him choose a new career as a social worker. Educating dialysis technicians, spreading awareness of kidney disease makes him a great contributor for meeting KWF’s objectives.
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