Rahul Supekar


Rahul Supekar


Defying CKD and Cancer!

“Don’t ever come here to me if you want to cry,” she shouted, looking across at me angrily. “I want to talk to people who want to fight…”

I sat there stunned, shocked into silence. For a moment I wondered, “Why is she talking to me like that?”
Silenced, a small moment of calm, I breathed, throwing a sly glance at her.

“I know I should not lose control of my emotions; but what to do? I was one among 2.5 millions of rare cases where a post transplant drug’s side effect caused cancer!” I was now totally on edge.

She offered me a glass of water. The cool fluid calmed my nerves. I began describing my long and winding journey with many episodes in the hospital. “It’s almost as if I was doing a relay-race. The baton was passed and I ran to another destination. Only that I was a blindfolded, and I ran endlessly to find my destination.

In 2005 I was an aspiring 26 year-old trying to switch jobs. A pre-employment test called for medical tests. I remember that evening I was excited about the next day’s interview when I collected the reports. But within a few minutes I was shocked to read about traces of blood in urine, the ultrasound talked of shrunken kidneys and blood test showed high creatinine at 3.6 mg/dl. Later when I met a nephrologist I was advised a steroid treatment apart from controlling my diet with low protein and salt.

Doubting the advice I got, I did an all India trip seeing doctors and confusing myself with so many different treatments. By 2011 my creatinine had risen to 6.5 mg/dl without any symptoms. About this time I also got married.

A friend introduced me to an ayurvedic doctor, known to have cured many patients. A week into medication my creatinine shot up to 22.5 mg/dl and hemoglobin dropped to 5gms/l….”

“Oh, he probably wasn’t been a certified ayurvedh! No wonder you refused to take my medications,” the ayurvedic doctor added teasingly reminding me of what I had said.

So I continued, “I began dialysis very soon scheduling them early mornings so I could head straight to work.”

“You could not find any suitable donor?”
“No, it was not possible. So after starting dialysis I got listed for a cadaver in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Ahmedabad. After a year and nine months I got that wonderful call. Five people ahead of me in the waiting list refused the cadaver kidney, so I was allotted the kidney.

“How fast things happened, I could hardly come to terms with the happy news. I was taken for surgery by 9 am. By 5pm I recovered and family were waiting in anticipation to see me wake up and talk. Good news was the new kidney made urine.”

She nodded as if in anticipation of more of “relay-race” as I called it.

“Three months passed blissfully, but six months post transplant I suffered intense pain in the abdomen. I was prescribed antacids, but when it didn’t relieve me so some tests were started. Sonography showed a swelling, so I had to do a CT scan. Huge ulcers were seen in the small intestines.”

I noticed she tried to hide her surprise and said, “Doctors talked of surgery. They spoke of it lightly. But the real drama happened on the operation table, when I was cut open and the doctors realized it could be something more! Surgery was paused; a sample collected and sent for biopsy. It was confirmed as lymphoma, malignant cancer, with tumors ranging in size from 8cm-12cm in size. The lymph nodes were removed. I was without even water for almost a month; all food was in form of supplements, given intravenously. The anesthesia affected my pancreas, resulting in raising blood sugar to 400. I was on insulin to bring it down. I have to back after 20 days.”

She was looking shocked now, speechless.

“I must add for twenty days before surgery I was advised to remain nil by mouth.

“You said I should not cry? See all that has happened to me; so fast… no time for me to relax…. In all these six years, I never ever dreamt of quitting my job, I worked hard, saw many dialysis patients succumb. It’s tough, you know very tough to face the disease.

But twice in my life I prayed hard, asked God to take me away so my family did not suffer. Once when I was detected with CKD and now that I had lymphoma and need further treatment.”

She was touched and she looked at me with deep understanding.

“You have all the courage to face it all, but you also need to understand that you have no control over events. I can show you how to manage your health with some yoga and spirituality.”

So finally my meeting with her proved to be an extraordinary connection. Life changed and everything fell into place.

I finished my 6 sessions of the 12-hour long chemotherapy starting at 8am. Though I was comfortable through the session, while passing stool and urinating I had severe pain caused by the uric acid in the medication. Four-liter water intake meant many toilet visits so I was in discomfort several times a day.

Before the 6th session I had high fever. This was a sign for some more trouble. A chest x-ray and another scan showed more nodes. But the oncologist was unsure so he arranged to conduct a bronchoscopy. He then did a surgery and collected a sample for testing. It was tuberculosis. So another illness to attend and treat!

After a year a CT scan confirmed all was well with me. Now I need to do an annual scan. With a changed lifestyle everything was managed well. Problems came but were resolved.

One fine day I picked up the phone and said, “Hi… Rahul Supekar here…. What, you are practicing for the next stage show? I know… since 2008 I’ve been away but it has been my passion since1996…. Yes, I want to get back… Okay will see you.”

I was back to my kingdom, with the familiar smell of the wooden stage, see those black cartons in the wings, the green room’s mirror where I admire myself, know that people in the audience have come to see me perform. The lights shone on me. I looked around as if searching for someone in the audience. Then in a loud and clear voice I finished the last part of my act. “Life is going to be tough, always. If you keep fighting, victory is assured!” I heard the thunderous applause and I walked out of the stage as if I had conquered it all.

Rahul Supekar


సి.కె.డి మరియు కేన్సర్ ని ధిక్కరించాను!

“నువ్వు ఏడవాలనుకుంటే ఇంకెప్పుడూ ఇక్కడికి రావద్దు,” నా వైపు కోపంతో చూస్తూ ఆమె అరిచింది. “నేను పోరాడాలనుకునే వాళ్లతోనే మాట్లాడతాను…”

నేను నివ్వెరపోయి ఏమీ మాట్లాడలేకపోయాను., “తను నాతో ఇలా ఎందుకు మాట్లాడుతుంది?” అని ఆశ్చర్యపోయాను.
కొంతసేపు మౌనం,ఊపిరి తీసుకొని తనవైపు చూశాను.

“నా భావోద్వేగాల్ని నియంత్రించుకోవాలని నాకు తెలుసు;కానీ ఏం చేయను? కిడ్నీ మార్పిడి (Kidney transplantation) తర్వాత వాడిన మందుల ఫలితంగా కేన్సర్ బారిన పడ్డ 2.5 మిలియన్ల అరుదైన కేసుల్లో నేనూ ఒకడిని ”.

ఆమె నాకు ఒక గ్లాస్ మంచినీరు ఇచ్చింది. చల్లటి నీరు గొంతులో హాయిని కలిగిస్తోంది.నేను నా సుదీర్ఘ ప్రయాణంలో నా అనుభవాలను ఒక్కొక్కటి చెప్పసాగాను.

2005 సంవత్సరం లో నా 26 యేళ్ళ వయసులో నేను చాలా ఉద్యోగాలు మారటం జరిగింది. ఉద్యోగం ఇచ్చేముందు వైద్య పరీక్షలు చేయించటం జరిగింది. వైద్య పరీక్షల రేపోర్ట్స్ తీసుకున్న నాకు రేపు ఇంటర్వ్యూ అన్న సంగతి తెలిసి చాలా ఆనందపడ్డాను. రిపోర్ట్ చూసిన నేను షాక్ అయ్యాను.నా మూత్రం లో రక్తం జాడలు ఉన్నట్టు మరియు, స్కానింగ్ లో మూత్రపిండాలు కుంచించుకుపోయినట్టు తెలిసింది. రక్తపరీక్షలో creatinine 3.6 mg/dl ఉందని తెలిసింది.తరువాత మేము ఒక నెఫ్రాలజిస్ట్ (nephrologist) నికలిసాము.వారు తక్కువ ఉప్పు మరియు ప్రోటీన్లు ఉన్న ఆహారం తినమని చెప్పకుండా స్టెరాయిడ్ల ద్వారా వైద్యం కొనసాగించారు.

కొన్నాళ్ళకు నేను వైద్యం గురించి తెలుసుకోటానికి చాలా ప్రదేశాలు తిరిగాను.2011 నాటికి నా creatinine 6.5 mg/dl కి పెరిగింది.ఈలోగా నాకు వివాహం అయ్యింది.

నా స్నేహితుడు ఒకరు నన్ను ఒక ఆయుర్వేదిక్ డాక్టర్ కి పరిచయంక్ చేశాడు,ఆయన నాలాంటి చాలామందికి వైద్యం చేశారు.నేను ఆయనను కలిశాను.ఒక వారం వైద్యం తరువాత నా creatinine 22.5 mg/dl కు పెరిగింది మరియు hemoglobin 5gms/l కు తగ్గింది….”

“తను ఒక పట్టభద్రుడైన ఆయుర్వేదిక్ వైద్యుడు కాదు! ఈ మందులు నీ శరీరానికి సరిపోలేదు,” డాక్టర్ చాలా సాధారణంగా చెప్పేశారు.

“కాదు, అది సాధ్యం కాదు. కాబట్టి డయాలసిస్ ప్రారంభించిన తర్వాత నేను ముంబై, పూనే, చెన్నై, అహ్మదాబాద్ నగరాల్లో కిడ్నీ కోసం వెతికాను. ఒక సంవత్సరం తొమ్మిది నెలల తర్వాత వారు నాకు కాల్ చేశారు. నాకన్నా ముందున్న ఐదుగురు నిరాకరించటంతో నాకు అవకాశం దక్కింది.

“తరువాత అంతా చాలా త్వరగా జరిగిపోయాయి,.తొమ్మిది గంటలకి నన్ను ఆపరేషన్ కి తీసుకువెళ్లారు. అయిదు గంటలకి నేను కోలుకొని నా వాళ్ళని పలకరించాను.కొత్త కిడ్నీ బాగా పనిచేయటం ప్రారంభించింది.”

“3 నెలలు బాగా గడిచాయి,కానీ 6 నెలలకి కడుపులో విపరీతమైన నొప్పి వచ్చింది. మందులు వాడినప్పటికీ కొంచెం కూడా తగ్గకపోవటంతో కొన్ని పరీక్షలు జరపాల్సి వచ్చింది. Sonography ద్వారా కడుపులో వాపుని గమనించటం జరిగింది, తర్వాత CT scan చేయించాము. పేగులలో ఎక్కువగా అల్సర్ కనిపించింది.”

తను ఆశ్చరాన్ని దాచుకుంటూ చెప్పింది, “డాక్టర్ సర్జెరీ చేయాలన్నారు. ఆపరేషన్ టేబల్ పైన ఉన్న నన్ను చూసిన తర్వాత వారికి చాలా పెద్ద అనుమానం వచ్చింది!సమస్య చిన్నది కాదు అని అర్దం అయ్యింది. అప్పటికి సర్జెరీ నిలిపివేశారు;బైయాప్సీ కోసం నమూనాలు సేకరించారు. తరువాత దాన్ని lymphoma, malignant cancer, కేన్సర్ గా గుర్తించారు. ట్యూమర్లు 8cm-12cm ఉన్నాయి. ఆపరేషన్ లో వాటిని తొలగించారు.కనీసం నీరు కూడా తాగకుండా ఒక నెల ఉన్నాను; ఆహారం మందుల రూపంలో ఇవ్వడం జరిగింది. మత్తుమందు వల్ల నా క్లోమము దెబ్బతిన్నది. దీనివల్ల షుగరు నాకు 400 కి చేరింది. దీనివల్ల నేను ఇన్సులిన్ వాడవలసి వచ్చింది. 20 రోజులకి కొద్దిగా కోలుకున్నాను.”

ఆశ్చర్యంతో తను ఏం మాట్లాడలేదు.

“మీరు నన్ను ఏడవకూడదు అన్నారు?నాకు జరిగింది గమనించండి; ఈ ఆరేళ్లలో నేను అనుకోని సంఘటనలు చాలా జరిగాయి,నేను కలలో కూడా నా ఉద్యోగం మానవలసివస్తుందని అనుకోలేదు, కష్టపడి పనిచేసేవాడిని.

జీవితంలో రెండుసార్లు మాత్రం దేవుడిని చాలా బలంగా ప్రార్ధించాను,ఒకటి నా కారణంగా నా కుటుంబం చాలా బాధపడుతోంది. అందువల్ల త్వరగా తీసుకెళ్లమని దేవుడిని ప్రార్ధించాను. మరోసారి నేను CKD మరియు cancer బారిన పడ్డప్పుడు ప్రార్ధించాను.”

తను నన్ను అర్ధం చేసుకొని నా చేతిని తన చేతిలోకి తీసుకుంది.

“నీకు ఈ సమస్యకు ఎదురుగా పోరాడే ధైర్యం ఉంది,కానీ పరిస్థితులు ఎప్పుడు మన అదుపులో ఉండవు. యోగా ద్వారా నీ ఆరోగ్యం ఎలా అదుపులో ఉంచుకోవాలో నేను నీకు చెప్తాను .”

ఆమెతో నా సమావేశం బాగా జరిగింది.ఆ తర్వాత నా జీవితం మారిపోయింది.

రోజుకి 12 గంటల చొప్పున 6 సెషన్ల కీమోథెరపీ(chemotherapy) చేయటం జరిగింది. కీమోథెరపీ వల్ల సమస్య లేకపోయినప్పటికి మందులలో ఉండే యూరిక్ యాసిడ్ వల్ల మూత్రవిసర్జన సమయంలో చాలా నొప్పిగా ఉండేది. రోజుకి 4 లీటర్ల నీరు తీసుకోవటం వల్ల రోజులో చాలాసార్లు మూత్రవిసర్జనకి వెళ్లాల్సివచ్చేది.దీనివల్ల నాకు చాలా అసౌకర్యంగా ఉండేది.

ఆరవ(6th ) సెషన్ కి ముందు నాకు తీవ్రమైన జ్వరం వచ్చింది. ఇది మరోక సమస్యకి సంకేతం. చెస్ట్(chest) x-ray మరియు స్కానింగ్ లో ఏదో సమస్య ఉన్నట్టుగా అనిపించింది.కనుక oncologist నాకు bronchoscopy చేయటానికి ఏర్పాటు చేశారు. సర్జెరీ చేసి చిన్న సాంపుల్ ని పరీక్ష కి పంపారు.అది క్షయ (tuberculosis)అని తేలింది.

సంవత్సరం తర్వాత CT scan లో అంతా బాగా ఉందని తేలింది. అప్పటినుండి సంవత్సరానికి ఒకసారి స్కానింగ్ తప్పనిసరిగా చేయించుకుంటూ ఆరోగ్యాన్ని కాపాడుకుంటూ వస్తున్నాను.

ఇప్పుడు నేను నా స్టేజ్ షోలు ఎన్నో చేస్తున్నాను. 1996 నుండి అది ఎంతో ఇష్టమైన పని.

ఇప్పుడు మళ్ళీ నేను నా రాజ్యంలోకి వచ్చాను. నాకెంతో ఇష్టమైన ఈ స్టేజ్, ఆ ప్రేక్షకుల చప్పట్లు ఇవి నాకెంతో ఇష్టమైనవి.లైట్లన్నీ నాపై పడ్డాయి.ప్రేక్షకులలో ఒకరికోసం వెతకసాగాను. గంభీరమైన గొంతుతో నా షో లోని ఆఖరి పంక్తులు వినిపించాను. జీవితంలో ఎల్లప్పుడు ఆటుపోట్లు ఉంటూనే ఉంటాయి.పోరాడుతూనే ఉంటే గెలుపేప్పుడూ నీ వెంటే!ప్రేక్షకులందరి చప్పట్ల మద్య నేను స్టేజ్ దిగుతూ అనుకున్నాను. ఇప్పటికీ సాధించాను.

Rahul Supekar


CKD এবং ক্যান্সার অগ্রাহ্য করে এগিয়ে চলার কাহিনী!

“তোমার যদি কান্নাকাটি করার ইচ্ছা থাকে তো আমার কাছে আসবে না,” সে আমার দিকে ক্রুদ্ধ হয়ে তাকিয়ে চিৎকার করে বলল ৷ “যারা লড়াই করতে জানে না আমি তাদের সঙ্গে কথা বলতে চাই না …”

আমি সেখানে স্তব্ধ , বিস্ময়ে নীরব হয়ে বসে রইলাম ৷ একটি মুহূর্তের জন্য আমি অবাক হয়ে গেলাম, “কেন সে আমার সাথে এভাবে কথা বলছে?”
নিরূত্তর, শান্ত একটি ছোট মুহূর্ত, আমি নিঃশ্বাস নিলাম, তার দিকে আড় চোখে তাকালাম ৷

“আমি জানি আমার আবেগের উপর নিয়ন্ত্রণ হারানো উচিত নয়; কিন্তু কি করা যায়? প্রতিস্থাপন এর পরে গৃহীত ওষুধ গুলির পার্শ্ব প্রতিক্রিয়ার ফলস্বরূপ আমার ক্যান্সার হয়েছে যা ২.৫ লক্ষ লক্ষর একটি বিরল ঘটনা!” আমি পুরোপুরি ভাবেই কিনারায় এসে পরেছিলাম ৷

তিনি আমাকে এক গ্লাস জল দিলেন ৷ শীতল জল আমার স্নায়ু কে শান্ত করল ৷ আমি তাকে হাসপাতালের বিভিন্ন দীর্ঘ এবং ক্লান্তিকর ঘটনার বিবরণ দিলাম ৷ “মনে হচ্ছিল আমি রিলে-রেস করছি ৷ রূল পাস হচ্ছে এবং আমি অন্য গন্তব্যে দৌড়াচ্ছি ৷ মনে হচ্ছিল কেউ চোখ বেঁধে দিয়েছিল, আর আমি আমার গন্তব্য খুঁজে পেতে অন্তহীন পথে দৌড়াচ্ছি ৷

2005 সালে আমি ২৬ বছর বয়সী একজন উচ্চাকাঙ্ক্ষী মানুষ ছিলাম , আমি চাকরীর চেষ্টা করছিলাম ৷ একটি প্রাক নিয়োগ পরীক্ষায় আমায় চিকিত্সাগত পরীক্ষার জন্য বলা হয় ৷ সন্ধ্যায় যখন আমি রিপোর্ট সংগ্রহ করি পরের দিন আমি ইনটারভিউ সম্পর্কে উত্তেজিত ছিলাম ৷ কিন্তু কয়েক মিনিটের মধ্যেই আমি বিস্মিত হয়ে গেলাম রক্তের রিপোর্ট দেখে ৷ আমার প্রস্রাবে রক্তের চিহ্ন পাওয়া গেছে , আল্ট্রাসাউন্ড বলছে আমার কিডনি শুকিয়ে গেছে এবং রক্ত ​​পরীক্ষায় ৩.৬ mg / dL উচ্চ creatinine দেখিয়েছে ৷ পরে যখন আমি একজন কিডনিরোগ বিশেষজ্ঞের সাক্ষাৎ করি তিনি আমায় স্টেরয়েড চিকিৎসার পরামর্শ দিলেন এবং আমার পথ্য কম প্রোটিন এবং কম লবণ যুক্ত খাবার দ্বারা নির্ধারণ করে দিলেন ৷

আমি বিতর্ক পরামর্শ পেয়েছিলাম , সারা ভারতবর্ষ ঘুরে ডাক্তার দেখিয়েছিলাম এবং বিভিন্ন চিকিত্সা ব্যাবস্থা দ্বারা নিজেকে বিভ্রান্ত করেছিলাম ৷ ২০১১ সালে আমার creatinine কোনো উপসর্গ ছাড়াই ৬.৫ mg / dL হয়ে দাঁড়িয়েছিল ৷ এই সময় আমি বিয়ে ও করেছিলাম ৷

একজন বন্ধু আমাকে একটি আয়ুর্বেদীয় ডাক্তার এর সঙ্গে পরিচয় করিয়ে দিয়েছিল, যিনি অনেক রোগীর রোগ নিরাময় করেছিলেন ৷ এক সপ্তাহ চিকিৎসাধীন থাকার পরে আমার creatinine ২২.৫ mg / dL হয়ে গিয়েছিল এবং হিমোগ্লোবিন ৫ gms /  নেমে গিয়েছিল …. ”

“ওহ, তিনি সম্ভবত একজন প্রত্যয়িত আয়ুর্বেদীয় ছিলেন না! আমি আশ্চর্য হচ্ছি আপনি আমার চিকিৎসা কে অস্বীকার করছেন দেখে,” আয়ুর্বেদীয় ডাক্তার টি আমাকে মনে করিয়ে দিলেন আমি কি বলেছিলাম ৷

তাই আমি বললাম, “আমাকে খুব শীঘ্রই ডায়ালিসিস শুরু করতে হবে তাই আমি নিজেই সকাল সকাল এই কাজে যুক্ত হলাম ৷”

“তুমি কোনো উপযুক্ত দাতা খুঁজে পাওনি?”
“না, এটা সম্ভব ছিল না ৷ তাই ডায়ালিসিস শুরু করার পর আমি মুম্বাই, পুনে, চেন্নাই ও আহমেদাবাদে একটি মৃতদেহ জন্য তালিকাভুক্ত হই ৷ এক বছর এবং নয় মাস পর আমি একটি বিস্ময়কর ডাক পেয়েছিলাম ৷ আমার আগে যে পাঁচজনের নাম ছিলো তারা মৃতদেহের কিডনি প্রত্যাখ্যান করে, তাই কিডনিটি আমি পেয়ে যাই ৷

“ঘটনা গুলি খুব দ্রুত ঘটে যাচ্ছিল, এই সুসংবাদ টি শোনার পর থেকে আমার কাছে সময় খুব কম ছিল ৷ অস্ত্রোপচারের জন্য আমায় সকাল ৬ টায় নিয়ে যাওয়া হয় ৷ বিকাল ৫ টা নাগাদ আমায় OT থেকে বের করা হয় ৷আমার পরিবার প্রতীক্ষালয়ে প্রতীক্ষা করছিলেন আমায় জেগে ওঠার এবং কথা বলতে দেখার জন্য ৷ সুখবর! নতুন কিডনি প্রস্রাব তৈরি করছিল ৷ ”

সে প্রতীক্ষালয়ে বসে মাথা নাড়ছিল আমার ভাষায় এটা “রিলে-রেস” ৷

“তিন মাস উদাসীন ভাবে কেটে গেল, কিন্তু প্রতিস্থাপন এর ছয় মাস পর আমি তীব্র পেটে ব্যথায় ভুগতে লাগলাম ৷ আমায় antacids দেওয়া হয়, কিন্তু যখন এটাতেও আমি সুস্থ্য হলাম না তখন কয়েকটি পরীক্ষা করানো হল ৷ সোনোগ্রাফিতে একটি ফোলা অংশ দেখা গেল, তাই আমায় সিটি স্ক্যান করতে হল ৷ ছোট অন্ত্রে একটি বিশাল আলসার দেখা গেল ৷”

আমি লক্ষ্য করলাম সে তার বিস্ময় লুকানোর চেষ্টা করল এবং বলল, “ডাক্তাররা সার্জারির কথা বলছেন ৷ তারা এটাকে হালকা ভাবে নিয়েছিল ৷ কিন্তু বাস্তবে নাটক টি শুরু হল অপারেশন টেবিল, যখন আমার কাটা জায়গা টি খোলা হয় এবং ডাক্তাররা বুঝতে পারেন যে এটা আরও বড় কিছু হয়েছে! সার্জারী বিরাম দেওয়া হয়; একটি নমুনা সংগ্রহ করে ক্যান্সার নির্ণয়ের জন্য পরীক্ষা করতে পাঠানো হয় ৷ এটা, লিম্ফোমা, ম্যালিগন্যান্ট ক্যান্সার হিসাবে নিশ্চিত করা হয়, টিউমার টি আকারে ৮cm-১২cm ৷ লিম্ফ এর সংযোগ স্থল থেকে কেটে বাদ দেওয়া হয় ৷ আমি প্রায় এক মাস জল ছাড়া ছিলাম; সমস্ত খাদ্যের সম্পূরক অংশ শিরা দিয়ে দেওয়া হত ৷ অ্যানাসথেসিয়া আমার অগ্ন্যাশয়কে প্রভাবিত করেছিল, এর ফলস্বরূপ আমার রক্তে শর্করার পরিমান বেড়ে ৪০০ হয়ে গেছিল ৷ আমাকে এটা কমানোর জন্য ইনসুলিন নিতে হয়েছিল ৷ ২০ দিন পর আমি বাড়ি ফিরে আসি ৷”

সে নির্বাক, হতবাক হয়ে তাকিয়ে ছিল ৷

“যদিও আমি সার্জারির ২০ দিন পর ফিরে এসেছিলাম কিন্তু আমায় বলা হয়েছিল এতে এক মাস ও লাগতে পারে ৷

“তুমি বলেছিলে আমার কান্নাকাটি করা উচিত নয়? দেখ আমার সঙ্গে যা যা ঘটেছে; এত দ্রুত … বিশ্রাম নেওয়ার সুযোগ পাইনি …. এই ছয় বছরে, আমি কখনোই এই শক্ত কাজ থেকে মুখ ফিরিয়ে নেওয়ার কথা সপ্নেও ভাবিনি, আমি কঠোর পরিশ্রম করেছি, অনেক ডায়ালাইসিস রোগীদের মারা যেতে দেখেছি ৷ এটা বেশ কঠিন, শক্ত হাতে এই রোগের মোকাবিলা করতে জানা ৷

তবে দু’বার আমার জীবনে আমি খুব কঠোর প্রার্থনা করেছিলাম, আমি ঈশ্বর কে বলেছিলাম আমাকে অনেক দূরে নিয়ে যেতে যাতে আমার পরিবার না ভোগে ৷ প্রথম বার, যখন আমার CKD ধরা পরে এবং এখন যখন আমার লিম্ফোমা ধরা পরল এবং আরও চিকিত্সার প্রয়োজন হল ৷”

সে আমায় স্পর্শ করল এবং গভীর সহানুভূতিতে আমার দিকে তাকালো ৷

“তোমার অনেক সাহস আছে এই সকলের মোকাবেলার জন্য, কিন্তু তোমাকে একটা কথা বুঝতে হবে যে এই সকল ঘটনার উপর তোমার কোন নিয়ন্ত্রণ ক্ষমতা নেই ৷ আমি তোমাকে কিছু যোগব্যায়াম এবং আধ্যাত্মিকতা বুঝিয়ে দেবো যার সাহায্যে তুমি তোমার স্বাস্থ্য নিয়ন্ত্রণ করতে পারবে ৷”

সুতরাং তার সঙ্গে এই সাক্ষাৎকার একটি অসাধারণ সংযোগ প্রমাণ করল ৷ আমার জীবন পরিবর্তন হল এবং সবকিছু ঠিকঠাক চলতে লাগল ৷

আমি ১২ ঘণ্টার দীর্ঘ কেমোথেরাপি ৬ সেশনে সমাপ্ত করেছিলাম যা সকাল ৮টা থেকে শুরু হত ৷ যদিও আমি অধিবেশনের মাধ্যমে আরাম পেয়েছিলাম, কিন্তু যখন মল এবং প্রস্রাব ত্যাগ করতাম তখন তীব্র ব্যাথা পেতাম চিকিৎসার কারণে ইউরিক অ্যাসিড বেড়ে যাওয়ার দরুণ ৷ চার লিটার জল খেতে হত তার জন্য অনেকবার প্রস্রাব করতে যেতে হত তাই দিনের মধ্যে বেশিরভাগ সময়ই আমি অস্বস্তিতে কাটাতাম ৷

ষষ্ঠ অধিবেশনের আগে আমি উচ্চ জ্বরে পরি ৷ এটা আরো কিছু সমস্যার নিদর্শন ছিল ৷ বুকের এক্সরে এবং আরেকটি স্ক্যানে আরো নোড দেখা গেল ৷ কিন্তু ক্যান্সার বিশেষজ্ঞ অনিশ্চিত ছিলেন তাই তিনি bronchoscopy -এর ব্যবস্থা করলেন ৷ এরপর তিনি অস্ত্রোপচার করলেন এবং পরীক্ষার জন্য একটি নমুনা সংগ্রহ করলেন ৷ এটা যক্ষ্মা ছিল ৷ তাই এই অসুস্থতার পরিচর্যা এবং চিকিত্সা করা শুরু হল!

এক বছর পর একটি সিটি স্ক্যানের মাধ্যমে নিশ্চিত হওয়া গেল যে আমার সবকিছু ভাল আছে ৷ এবার আমার একটা বার্ষিক স্ক্যানের প্রয়োজন ছিল ৷ পরিবর্তিত জীবনধারা সবকিছু ভালভাবেই নিয়ন্ত্রণ করছিল ৷ সমস্যা কিছু এসেছিল কিন্তু তা সমাধান করা হয়েগেছিল ৷

একটি সুন্দর দিনে আমি ফোন তুললাম এবং বললাম, “হাই … রাহুল সুপেকার …. কি, আপনি পরবর্তী ধাপে প্রদর্শনীর জন্য অনুশীলন করছেন? আমি জানি … ২০০৮ সাল থেকে আমি দূরে আছি কিন্তু ১৯৯৬ সাল থেকে এর উপর আমার আসক্তি …. হ্যাঁ, আমি ফিরতে চাই … ঠিক আছে তোমার সঙ্গে দেখা হবে ৷ ”

আমি ফিরে এসেছিলাম আমার রাজত্বে, কাঠের মঞ্চের সেই পরিচিত গন্ধ, সার বেঁধে রাখা কালো বাক্স গুলি, সাজঘর এর আয়না যেখানে আমি নিজেই নিজেকে তারিফ করছিলাম, জানি যে শ্রোতাদের মধ্যে বসা মানুষ গুলি আমাকে গান গাইতে দেখার জন্য এসেছে ৷ আলো আমার উপর পড়ল ৷ আমি চারপাশে তাকিয়ে দেখলাম যেন মনে হচ্ছিল আমি শ্রোতাদের মধ্যে কাউকে অনুসন্ধান করছি ৷ তারপর খুব জোরে এবং স্পষ্ট স্বরে আমি আমার কর্মানুষ্ঠানের শেষ অংশ সমাপ্ত করলাম ৷ “জীবন সবসময় কঠিনতায় পুর্ণ ৷ যদি তুমি যুদ্ধ কর, বিজয় নিশ্চিত!” আমি বজ্রধ্বনিপূর্ণ সাধুবাদ শুনলাম এবং এমন ভাবে মঞ্চে থেকে বেরিয়ে গিয়েছিলাম যেন আমি সব কিছু জয় করে নিয়েছি ৷

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